CURE has been developed for sensitive and problematic skin types to provide nutrients to the skin in order to promote the healing process.


Skyn & Ko. CURE originated and was inspired from Skyn Food, Skyn & Ko's original products. Initially developed in a kitchen by the founders Jo and Cara who sought to create a product that was natural enough to be used on Jo's young son & daughter who suffered with re-occurring skin allergies and juvenile eczema, as well as Cara who had long-term re-occurring  adult acne flare-ups, Owing to its high potency, the unexpected side effect of this product was clearly noticeable anti-ageing and age-correctional properties which has since led to the formulation of CURE.

Developed with problematic skin issues in mind, CURE has been created for sensitive skin types and contains active ingredients to help stimulate the bodies own natural healing properties, whilst providing all the vitamins and nutrients required to promote the replenishment cycle 

SKYN & KO CURE is suitable for all skin types and contains only pure, natural organic food grade ingredients. CURE is so natural that you can ingest it, however given that there are no artificial flavours, we would certainly not suggest nor recommend this!

CURE has a high quantity of all-natural, active ingredients, meaning this product has a limited shelf life of 12-months and should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 4-weeks of opening. The properties in the active ingredients reduce over time and factors such as light and heat speed up this process. It is for this reason that the majority of our products are sold in small darkened glass containers, developed to last 4-weeks and come packaged in a box that we recommend you keep for storage. We suggest storing your products at the back of the refrigerator furthest from the inside lighting device.


CURE should be applied liberally to clean, natural, make-up free skin twice daily; preferably morning and night. CURE is safe to use under make-up or facial creams however we recommend using CURE in conjunction with Pure Skyn Serum. Pure Skyn Serum is a B5 hyaluronic acid base that is a naturally occurring element within the skin and acts like a sponge, absorbing the nutrients of CURE and drawing them deeper into the skin.


CURE can be used daily as part of your general skin care regime to help control problematic skin conditions, revitalise the skin and boost collagen production. Noticeable results are usually seen within 4-6 weeks of usage but may vary depending upon the skin complaint.


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